About segment

Engineering focusing on processing technologies relating to raw materials containing precious metals.

From the history of the company:

SIBPROJECT’s production mission devoted to the processing of complex and numerous raw materials required the creation of new non-conventional technologies and equipment.

The “engineering” team was created to address those challenges in 2009.

The engineering division of SIBPROJECT is a team of unique professionals having a vast experience acquired both in the scientific domain and at the production sites of a number of major businesses of the non-ferrous and rare metal industries. Cooperation with the leading scientific schools of Russia enabled the team to quickly proceed to solving new and complex problems not only within SIBPROJECT but also in collaboration with such enterprises as MMC Norilsk Nickel, Krastsvetmet, Outotec, Engineering Dobersek GmbH, etc. Several of those projects were completed on a turnkey basis.

Today, the “Engineering” segment is capable of implementing projects in the non-ferrous and precious metals domain ranging from advising, modeling, participation in retrofitting and upgrading activities to launching a turnkey production facility. The company is also engaged in the shortlisting of equipment suppliers, tending procedures and supporting deliveries and equipment installation operations.

Its tasks at hand include:

Technical audit of metallurgical facilities or individual segments

Consulting and engineering services
Development of technology, projecting and start-up of the site of processing of precipitate (cementate)
Development of technology, projecting and start-up of the site of processing of catalysts of petrochemistry
Development of technology, projecting and start-up of the site of processing of automobile catalysts
Development of technology, projecting and start-up of the site of processing of electrolytic slimes (tailing)
Development of technology, projecting and start-up of the site of processing of plumb-silver concentrates
Development of the technological scheme and selection of the equipment for enrichment of stale tails of gold mining factories
Installation of unit of gravitational enrichment
Equipping and start of the electrical furnace for impoverishment of dross
Development and production of the equipment for dispergating (fine crushing) of alloy
Developing testing line for radioelectronics scrap
Development of the automated sample preparation unit
Major projects:

Development of technology for SIBPROJECT’s production base; designing, organizing construction and commissioning of a silver precipitate processing site to produce dore alloys. The unique and unparalleled production facility has been successfully operating for ten years and created more than 100 new jobs.

Development and implementation of a technology for processing zinc-containing gold-silver and silver-gold concentrates involving the extraction of valuable components at SIBPROJECT’s Krasnoyarsk site.

The creation of a unique high-temperature production compound for SIBPROJECT based on a DC furnace made it possible to process several types of raw materials comprising refractory oxides containing platinum, palladium, rhodium and silver.

The process compound enabled the production site to significantly expand its raw material base and the addition of allow dispersing and enriching strings to the compound significantly improved the quality of downstream products delivered for further refining.

Development of technology for extracting rhenium and platinum from deactivated alumina carrier-based catalysts. Once the required equipment was designed and installed, the experts commissioned that development as a "turnkey" facility in Yekaterinburg.

Implementation of a competitive project jointly with Outotec, Engineering Dobersek GmbH and Krastsvetmet aimed to develop an optimal technology for constructing a new metallurgical shop at MMC Norilsk Nickel.

Monitoring and analysis of Krastsvetmet’s existing facilities. The modeling of both individual devices and the entire site and subsequent pilot tests resulted in the discovery of reserves for  significantly boosting the output and development of source data for the terms of reference envisaging the reconstruction of the pyrometallurgical facility.

Implementation of projects ranging from ore dressing to retrieving precious metals suitable for refining.

Development of technology for manufacturing engineering products featuring precious metals.

The work resulted in the provision of new nonferrous and rare metal production strings with cutting-edge process equipment and optimization of existing production facilities in terms of quality improvement and output increase. Some of the know-how developed by the company's experts were patented in the Russian Federation and implemented at Russian enterprises.

The following patents were issued to SIBPROJECT thanks to the research of its engineering experts::

Patent of Russian Federation № 2424338: Method for processing zinc-containing gold-silver and/or silver-gold precipitates enabling the extraction of valuable components.
Patent of Russian Federation № 2398899: Method for recovering rhenium and/or platinum from deactivated alumina carrier-based catalysts.

Technologies for processing technogenic depositsenabling the extraction of valuable components from them (gold, silver, platinum) is one of the promising areas being a focus of the company’s current activities. For this purpose, a pilot site was created at SIBPROJECT’s production facility in Krasnoyarsk to master the processing of samples from technogenic deposits and obtaining representative samples for research.

Scheme of work
Discussion of technical enquiry of Customer. Development of work plan
Audit of Customer’s equipment
Research of statistical data about the problem
Development of model of improvement of the equipment (technology) of the Customer
Retrofitting, installation of required equipment
Start-up and testing of installed equipment/production cycle
Evaluation of the results of the work