About company

History of company:

Production tasks of SIBPROJECT LLC related with the processing of complex and various raw materials, required creation of new and nonconventional technologies and equipment. To solve such problems in 2009 a subsidiary in the area of engineering was established - SIBPROJECT-Engineering LLC.

SIBPROJECT-Engineering LLC is a team of unique professionals highly experienced in the field of science and at production sites of a number of leading enterprises of nonferrous and rare-metal industry. Cooperation with leading scientific schools of Russia allowed the team to begin quickly solving new and complex tasks, not only within the framework of SIBPROJECT LLC, but also in co-operation with companies such as Mining and Metallurgical company Norilsk Nickel PJSC, Krastsvetmet JSC, Outotec, Engineering Dobersek GmbH and others. Several projects among those have been carried out on turnkey basis

For today SIBPROJECT-Engineering LLC is ready to realize any project in the field of metallurgy of non-ferrous and precious metals: consultancy, modeling, participation in refitting, modernization of an enterprise, start-up of a finished “turnkey” production. The company is engaged in selection of equipment suppliers, tenders, support of supplies and equipment installation.

Tasks usually performed by SIBPROJECT-Engineering LLC are:
Technical audit of metallurgical production and particular sites
Consulting and engineering services
Development of technology, projecting and start-up of the site of processing of precipitate (cementate)
Development of technology, projecting and start-up of the site of processing of catalysts of petrochemistry
Development of technology, projecting and start-up of the site of processing of automobile catalysts
Development of technology, projecting and start-up of the site of processing of electrolytic slimes (tailing)
Development of technology, projecting and start-up of the site of processing of plumb-silver concentrates
Development of the technological scheme and selection of the equipment for enrichment of stale tails of gold mining factories
Installation of unit of gravitational enrichment
Equipping and start of the electrical furnace for impoverishment of dross
Development and production of the equipment for dispergating (fine crushing) of alloy
Development of the line of approbation
Development of the automated sample preparation unit
Major projects of SIBPROJECT-Engineering LLC are:
Development for the production base of SIBPROJECT LLC a technology, designed, arranged construction and put into operation the site for processing of silver-containing precipitate to obtain Dore gold as the product. This unique, unparalleled production has been successfully operating for ten years; due to its start-up 70 new jobs were created.
Development and realization of technology for processing of zinc-containing gold-silver and silver-gold concentrates with extraction of valuable at the site of SIBPROJECT LLC in Krasnoyarsk.
Creation of high-temperature complex based on the DC furnace for the production of SIBPROJECT LLC allowed to perform processing of several raw materials based on refractory oxide containing platinum, palladium, rhodium and silver. The equipment complex has enabled the production site to expand significantly the raw-material base, and completed with the complex for dispersion and concentration of alloys has significantly improved the quality of products coming for further refining.
Ceramic products quality improvement works released for SIBPROJECT LLC.
Development of technology for extraction of rhenium and platinum from deactivated alumina-supported catalysts. This development after design and completing equipment was brought by specialists to start-up of a “turnkey” production in Yekaterinburg.
Realization of competitive project jointly with Outotec, Engineering Dobersek GmbH and Krastsvetmet JSC for development of an optimum technology for construction of a new metallurgical shop/site of Mining and Metallurgical company Norilsk Nickel PJSC.
Monitoring and analysis of existing production at Krastsvetmet JSC. As a result of modeling of separate equipment units and the entire site, and subsequent pilot tests reserves for significant productivity improvement were shown, as well as baseline data for the technical assignment for reconstruction of pyrometallurgical production were developed.
Realization of number of projects from the ore concentration to production of precious metals suitable for refining.
Development of technologies for manufacturing mechanical items of precious metals.

The result of work of specialists of SIBPROJECT-Engineering LLC is tooling of new production sites of the non-ferrous and rare-metal industry, as well as optimization of existing productions in order to improve quality and increase productivity. Some know-how of company specialists have been granted patents of the Russian Federation and were implemented at Russian enterprises.

The patents which were taken out by Group of Companies SIBPROJECT thanks to researches of expert of SIBPROJECT-Engineering LLC are:

Patent of Russian Federation № 2424338: Way of processing of zinc-containing gold-silver and/or silver-gold precipitate (cementate) with extraction of valuable components.
Patent of Russian Federation № 2398899: Way of extraction of rhenium and/or platinum from the deactivated catalysts with the oxidic aluminum carrying agent.

One of the promising areas, the company is currently working in, is processing of technogenic deposits with the purpose of extraction of valuable components (gold, silver, platinum). For this purpose, a test site for performing technological sampling from technogenic deposits, as well as for representative sampling for study was created at the production base SIBPROJECT LLC in Krasnoyarsk.

Company Management
General Director
of SIBPROJECT-Engineering LLC
Igor Bludenov

Igor Bludenov has been working in the industry since 1996, in company -since 2009. He worked in Prioksky Zavod of Non-ferrous Metals JSV, also in PZTsM-Vtormet LLC. He have graduated from National University of Science and Technology “MISIS” as "metallurgical engineer". Joint author of several inventions.

Scheme of work SIBPROJECT-Engineering LLC:
Discussion of technical enquiry of Customer. Development of work plan
Audit of Customer’s equipment
Research of statistical data about the problem
Development of model of improvement of the equipment (technology) of the Customer
Retrofitting, installation of required equipment
Start-up and testing of installed equipment/production cycle
Evaluation of the results of the work