About company

History of the company:

The company SIBPROJECT JSC was created in 2007. Processing and enrichment of raw materials with low content of precious metals (so-called “lean materials”) was chosen as the company business line as this segment of the precious metals industry market was not fully valued at that time. The experience of the team works in the scientific field and at the production sites of a number of leading metallurgical enterprises and technological capabilities have also become an important foundation for the launch of the company in this branch.

Manufacturing site of SIBPROJECT JSC was built and operates today in the city of Krasnoyarsk within the territory of Krastsvetmet JSC. The site is equipped with Russian-made equipment and have full technological complex for the processing of mineral and secondary raw materials and production waste. The site was built according to the principle of “lean production” as the construction organization and manufacturing equipping and commissioning were performed by the employees. Today the company's production is served by 60 people.

Main directions of the activities of SIBPROJECT JSC are:
Processing of scrap, slags, concentrates, waste and other types of the raw materials containing precious metals
Processing of waste of the refining enterprises
Realization of affined precious metals
Production of ceramic ware for analytic laboratories (crucibles, cupels, scorifying dishes).
At production processing SIBPROJECT JSC uses:
Gravity concentration of waste of enterprises
Hydrometallurgical processing
Pyrometallurgical processing
All the technologies used in the production process are developed and registered by the experts of the engineering department of SIBPROJECT Group of companies.

In 2012 SIBPROJECT JSC participated in the development of Vedugenskoye gold deposit. Technogenic deposits development is also among in the priorities of the company.

Company Management
Svetlana Ozhigova

Svetlana Ozhigova has been running the company since 2005. She has twenty years of experience in the metallurgical industry. After she graduated from the National University of Science and Technology MISiS as a metallurgical engineer in 1995 and the Moscow Academy of Economics and Law as a lawyer she had worked at the OJSC Priokskii zavod tsvetnykh metallov (Prioksky Non-Ferrous Metals Plant), LLC PZTsM-Vtormet and OJSC Krastsvetmet.

Company Management
General Director of SIBPROJECT JSC
Maksim Yaushev

Maksim Yaushev has been working in the industry since 1996. He worked his way up from a worker to the chief engineer of the OJSC Priokskii zavod tsvetnykh metallov. He graduated from the National University of Science and Technology MISiS as a metallurgical engineer. He is the author of five inventions.