Name of the company:
SIBPROJECT JSC About the company in details
Year of foundation of the company:
General Director of company:
Svetlana Ozhigova
Type of activity of the company:

- Processing of waste of the refining enterprises, scrap, slags, concentrates, waste and other types of the raw materials containing precious metals;

- Realization of affined precious metals;

- Production of ceramic ware for analytic laboratories (crucibles, cupels, scorifying dishes).

Refineries, metallurgical enterprises, mining companies, gold mining companies, mining-and-geological companies, manufacturers of jewelry, laboratories, assay inspections, enterprises of the aviation, military, chemical and petrochemical industries, producers of electronic devices, equipment, special equipment and electrical components.
Processing of the raw materials containing precious metals:
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Special Purchase (scrap of precious metals) :
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Ceramic products for assay tests:
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Realization of precious metals:
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