Separate activity of SIBPROJECT JSC is purchase of scrap and waste of radio-electronic devices, specialized equipment and also waste of productions of military industrial complex containing precious metals.

Today this market is the most perspective. Volumes of waste of productions grow. And need of sale of waste of the enterprises gives the excellent chance of providing processors with raw materials. For the purpose of establishing receipt of the waste containing precious metals, heads of SIBPROJECT JSC have gathered a team of the highly qualified specialists in special purchases of the raw materials containing precious metals, having wealth of experience in utilization of arms and military equipment of the Ministry of Defence, containing ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals. This direction of activity of the company allows SIBPROJECT JSC to attract new raw materials and, to provide the production site with raw materials to processing.

SIBPROJECT JSC purchase following scrap containing precious metals:

Scrap of rechargeable batteries

Waste of productions of military industrial complex and aviation

Waste of productions of special equipment

Waste of electronic devices and equipment

Used electrical boards, accessories

Radio-electronic scrap

Used metering equipment

Waste soldering alloys, wastes generated by facilities manufacturing electronic components

Compounds of precious metals

Used laboratory utensils (crucibles, cups) containing precious metals (secondary precious metal scrap)

Wastes generated by jewelry makers (secondary precious metal scrap)

Spent catalyst agents of the oil and chemical industry
Exhaust gas neutralizers (autocatalysts)

Currently the company cooperates with a number of major manufacturers of radio electronic equipment and components, military industrial facilities and state corporations.

Special purchases are carried out as on single deliveries of the waste containing precious metals and to deliveries by parties. At the same time establishment of collecting points of raw materials and points of cleaning of waste from nonmetallic elements is possible that substantially reduces costs of logistics and optimizes a chain of deliveries.

As for projects aimed to purchase scrap containing precious metals, SIBPROJECT team are ready to build and implement a full-fledged operating cycle to assess and subsequently purchase target raw materials.The following stages involving the input of SIBPROJECT’s team are important for this purpose:

coordination of techniques of assessment of standards of raw materials with the supplier, development of techniques of assessment for concrete types of raw materials;

formation of the agreed databases on the content of precious metals in raw materials elements;

attraction to assessment of standards of raw materials of specialists of SIBPROJECT JSC ;

Providing of platform and equipment for evaluating standards of raw materials.

A prerequisite for SIBPROJECT’s potential cooperation is that the Supplier must have a Certificate (notification) and special registration card authorizing it to carry out transactions in precious metals and necessary licenses authorizing it to handle ferrous and non-ferrous scrap.