About company

From the history of the company:

SIBPROJECT-DragMet was incorporated in June 2015. Its production facility is located in Zheleznodorozhny microdistrict, Balashikha, on the site of Rostec State Corporation (“Russian Technologies”).

Today SIBPROJECT-DragMet successfully operates in the market of engineering products featuring precious metals expanding its customer and project portfolio.

SP-DM manufactures the following engineering products featuring industrial grade silver:
Silver powders (silver bulk solid)
Silver containing salts
Silver anodes
Silver in granula (granulated silver)

Silver soldering alloys

Perrhenic acid

SP-DM’s production facility uses technologies based on hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical, sorptive and electrochemical processes. All of the technologies were developed by the company's experts.


Apart from its the production site SIBPROJECT-DragMet also features its own laboratory used by the company's professionals for testing the output from an analytical perspective.

Advantages of cooperation with SP-DM when purchasing engineering products featuring industrial grade silver:

SP-DM manufactures products not only based on GOST standards but also customized specifications.

SP-DM applies an individual approach to each customer offering the most convenient cooperation conditions, including flexible pricing policy.

Following the trends of the global market, SP-DM is constantly improving its technologies using up-to-date analytical control methods, therefore, its output fully meets the requirements of Russian and foreign standards in terms of quality.

SP-DM is known for its ability to promptly handle customer requests.

SP-DM also delivers its products on an ongoing basis, thereby ensuring that its customer may benefit from stable deliveries.

Developing brand-new types of products and enhancing the efficiency of its production processes, SP-DM strives to meet the needs of its customers as maximum as possible.
Company Management
Igor Bludenov

Igor Bludenov has been working in the industry since 1996. He joined the company in 2009. He used to work for Prioksky Plant of Non-Ferrous Metals and PZTsM-Vtormet. His degree of metallurgical engineer was acquired from the National University of Science and Technology (MISiS). He is a co-author of several inventions

Scheme of work SIBPROJECT-DragMet LLC:
Receipt of inquiry from the Customer
Discussion of inquiry, specifications and terms of delivery with the Customer
Signing of the contract
Start of the order in production according to terms of the contract: after receiving an advance payment / after coordination of the specification with the Customer. Production.
Shipment of products to the Customer accompanied with shipping documents and quality certificates.
Receipt of final settlement / post-payment on the shipped products