Production of technical products based on precious metals

For today  technical products based on precious metals became more and more inductrial important. Duty and application field of such products develop.  "SIBPROJECT-DragMet" LLC is specialized in manufacturing of such technical products based on precious metals as silver salts, acids, bars, anodes and powders. Quality of products corresponts to requirements of Russian and foregn standartds.  Factory improves its production technologies, following to market trends. Manufactured products used at a lot of industrial branches such as current-conducting production, photographic industry, medicine, petrochemical catalytic agents production, mirror production, colouring agents, photochemical emulsions, conductive paint and glue production, electric accumulators industry, and also are used  for sputtering, metal plating, galvanics at covering of elements of aviation and military industries.

During the production of technical products based on precious metals "SIBPROJECT-DragMet" LLC appies to self-engineered techologies based on hydro- and pyrometallurgical, sorbate and electrochemical processes. Quality warranty of products manufactored at the factory are provided by modern method of analytic control.

"SIBPROJECT-DragMet" LLC uses individual way to each of Customers and suppies for Customers more comfortable business terms.