Recycling of zinc containing gold-silver and silver-gold concentrates with the recovery of components of value

The technology is patented (Patent of the RF No. 2424338).

At present, this technology is used at LLC SIBPROJECT in Krasnoyarsk.

Recovery of rhenium and platinum from the deactivated alumina-supported catalysts

The technology was patented (Patent of the RF No. 2398899).

At present, a production unit is under construction in Ekaterinburg using this technology.

Concentration of aged tailings from a gold recovery plant

2012 – A research-and-development work was held to study the composition of the ‘aged tailings’. Laboratory and technological tests for gold beneficiation ability were carried out. A process flow chart was developed and the equipment was chosen.

Copper and nickel electrolysis slag recycling for OJSC GMK Norilsk Nickel

2012 – Participation in OJSC GMK Norilsk Nickel tender on the construction of a new metallurgical shop for slag recycling using a new technology.