Enrichment of stale tails of gold mining factories

Name of technology:
Enrichment of stale tails of gold mining factories
Year of development of the technology:
About introduction of the technology:

Research work on studying of material structure of test of "lying tails" for Rudnik Duet LLC is carried out.

Laboratory and technological researches on an oboga are executed.

Now search of investments for implementation of the project is carried out.

Features of the technology:
  • existence of an opportunity to receive rather rich concentrates (with the content of gold of 200-500 g/t) from tails with a large amount of small and thin gold and also sulfides with thin-flakes gold;
  • mobility of installation (possibility of movement of other object);
  • the concentrate with the content of gold is received 496 grams per ton;
  • extraction of gold from initial 40%.
Supplementary information: