Gravity Concentration Unit

20 окт 2010

In 2010, a gravity concentration unit for metallurgical residues was put into operation at the LLC SIBPROJECT in Krasnoyarsk to obtain valuable components – precious metals.

The purpose of the unit:
  • concentration of metallurgical products (residues);
  • concentration of gold-concentrating plant residues;
Materials for recycling:
  • metallurgical slag;
  • kiln barrings;
  • crucible shards;
  • residues (tailings) from gold-concentrating plants containing gold and platinum.
Parameters of the unit:
  • capacity – 250 kg per hour;
  • recovery rate of components of value to the concentrate – 75% to 85%;
  • particle size of the material fed – minus 1 mm;
  • particle size of a non- recoverable metal fraction – less than 100 μm
Peculiar features of the unit:
  • integrated crushing-grinding machine to prepare material of required coarseness grade;
  • additional equipment for testing and sample preparation of the initial material and the concentration products;
  • reclaimed water supply is used to exclude losses of components of value while draining-off;
  • obtaining concentrates with high content of precious metals that are recycled at the own plant using pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy;
  • higher precision of testing and analysis of products obtained in the concentration of the products due to practically full recovery of 100+ μm metal fractions from the initial material;
  • possibility of experimental work thanks to the ‘flexible’ technological flow chart in order to do feasibility study for setting-up of new production capacities (for example, ‘aged tailings’ of gold recovery plants).
Results of the implementation:
  • lower content of precious metals in the production residues – by 3 to 5 times – and as a consequence, similar decrease in the costs of the further recycling of the residues received;
  • increased direct metal yield by 0.2%.