Today more and more particularly important products from precious metals of industrial function become. Requirement and fields of application of such production extend. Consumers of products from silver for industrial application are: enterprises of the chemical and petrochemical industry, petrochemical catalytic agents producers, electric accumulators producers, mirror producers, colouring agents producers, current-conducting producers, photochemical emulsions, conductive paint and glue production, photography industry enterprises, medicine equipment producers, aviation and military industries factories, current-conducting producers, manufacturers of jewelry.

Quality of the products made by SP-DM LLC from silver for industrial application:

The products made by SP-DM LLC conform to requirements of the Russian industry GOST and TU developed by SP-DM LLC and also to requirements of foreign standards. Adhering to tendencies of the world market of products from precious metals for industrial application, SP-DM LLC constantly improves the technologies and uses modern methods of the analytical control which is carried out in own chemical analysis laboratory. The quality management system of the enterprise conforms to requirements of GOST P ISO 9001-2015(ISO 9001:2015). The products which are produced for the state defense order in addition undergo certification with participation of experts of RT-TEKHPRIYEMKA JSC.        

The technologies used in production of SP-DM LLC:

During the production of technical products based on precious metals SIBPROJECT-DragMet LLC appies to self-engineered techologies based on hydro- and pyrometallurgical, sorbate and electrochemical processes. Quality warranty of products manufactored at the factory are provided by modern method of analytic control.

The production site of SP-DM LLC is located in Zheleznodorozhniy of the Moscow region and includes:

- Site of production of nitrate, sulfate, silver oxide;

- Site of production of powders silver;

- Site of a hire;

- Mechanical-repair site;

- Analytical laboratory.