The results of special assessment of working conditions of the enterprise SIBPROJECT LLC showed positive changes

15 Apr 2016
The procedure of special assessment of working conditions (SSWC) is mandatory in an industrial plant in accordance with Art. 212 of the Labour Code and the Federal Law “On special assessment of working conditions No. 426-FZ of 28.12.2013). SSWC helps to detect the presence of negative (dangerous) factors and their impact on employees. SIBPROJECT LLC completed special assessment of working conditions at the plant in March 2016 and approved a list of recommended actions to improve working conditions.
The results of the SSWC assessment have showed positive changes in working conditions. Harmful class of working conditions has been reduced from 3.3 to 3.2 for workers employed in jobs with harmful and hazardous working conditions: smelters, fitters, electricians for repair and maintenance of equipment, with respect to certification of 2011. These changes weremade due to the measures on improvement of the working conditions. Also, after SSWC assessment, according to the Order approved by M.G. Yaushev, Deputy Director General, these workers related to the environment of harmful and (or) heavy working conditions, receive compensation in the form of co-payments in the amount of not less than 4% of the base salary and compensation in the form of additional leave of at least 7 calendar days.
In connection with a reduction in class of working conditions, rates of additional insurance contributions for compulsory social insurance against industrial accidents and occupational diseases were reduced for the company.
As a result of the SSWC assessment, a declaration of conformity of working conditions was submitted to the State Labour Inspectorate.