UMMC will begin development of Belozersky in 2017.

25 Oct 2016
AO Gaysky GOK (part of UMMC) plans to begin testing of the gold Belozersky field in the Orenburg region in 2017, according to the UMMC press service with reference to Sergey Budchenko, company’s Chief Geologist. According Rosgeolfond, Gaysky GOK provided geological report with estimated reserves at the Belozerskoye field in 2016, which was considered by Privolzhsknedra at the end of June this year. The Belozerskoye gold occurrence is located in Kvarkensky district near the mine already developed by combine of the Yuzhno-Kirovskoye field. Placer gold contained in the ore of Belozerskaya predominantly in the form of submicroscopic shot in rock minerals and partly in sulphides. Total gold reserves: C2 - 11 tons, P1 - 5 tons. The Gaysky GOK obtained a license for exploration and extraction of gold ore at the Belozerskaya site in 2010 with validity until December 2035. In 2015, Gaysky GOK has extracted 9.299 million tons of ore and produced: 95.139 thousand tons (increase by 1.3%) of copper in concentrate; 2.223 tons (increase by 20%) gold; 41.491 tons (increase by 11.9%) of silver.
The Gaysky GOK, one of the largest mining companies in Russia, is the main ore base of UMMC. The plant is built on the basis of Gayskoye field where over 70% of copper reserves of the Orenburg region are concentrated.
Source: RIA/ Economical Information Agency «PRIME»