Polymetal shares included in the index of STOXX Global ESG Leaders

24 Oct 2016

Shares of Polymetal Int (combines the assets of AO Polymetal) are for the first time included in the index of STOXX Global ESG Leaders, which is a recognition of the environmental, social and governance performance (ESG) of the company, Polymetal said in a statement. The index is created on the basis of the sustainability performance of 345 companies selected from the STOXX Global Index 1800. Polymetal has reached indicator of 97.68/100 in the control rating, 78.90/100 in the environmental rating and 71.22/100 in the social ranking. Polymetal is already included in the leading sustainability indexes such as FTSE4Good, Euronext-Vigeo, and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Vitaly Nesis, the company’s CEO, said Polymetal inclusion in the index is a strong indicator of the company's success in the implementation of sustainable development practices across the business. Polymetal Int registered in Jersey. Polymetal is a Russian company for the extraction of gold and silver with operations and development projects in Russia, Kazakhstan and Armenia. In 2015, gold production decreased by 9% to 861 thousand ounces (26.78 tons), silver production increased by 12% to 32.1 million ounces (998.42 tons). Total production of metals in terms of gold equivalent was cut by 3% to 1.267 million ounces.

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