Kolyma to increase gold production up to 28-29 tons in 2017

04 Oct 2016
The Magadan region is going to increase gold production up to 28-29 tons in 2017 from 27 tons previously planned for this year, according to Vladimir Pecheny, governor of the region. “As for the prospects, it is based on real calculations and estimations. Next year will be no exception, and we think that the production growth dynamics will continue, first of all, for gold. I guess that silver estimations will be exceeded already this year. As for gold, we assume that growth will continue, and we expect to reach the production volume of 28-29 tons of gold”, the Magadan region government quotes the governor. Gold mining plan for the region in 2016 is 27 tons, for silver - 950 tons. Thus, the production of gold in the next year may grow by 3.7-7.4%. “The situation today is quite close to the delivery of the plan. In particular, of the planned 4 tons at the Pavlik field, new enterprise IK Arlan has extracted more than 2 tons. This is the groundwork for this year growth, which is thanks, amongst other things, to increased production at the new plant at the Pavlik field”, said Vladimir Pecheny. 
In 2015, 24.5 tons of gold and 1,125 tons of silver were produced in the Magadan region.
Source: RIA News