In January-August the Belarusians increased purchases of gold by 59%

07 Sep 2016
According to the management information of the National Bank of Belarus (NBB), in January-August of 2016, the population and enterprises of Belarus purchased 159.547 kg of gold in weighted bullions, versus 100.089 kg for eight months of 2015. The most popular during the period were 1 gram bullions, 2812pcs of which were purchased, then – 5 gram bullion (1897 pcs), and 10 gram bullions (1412 pcs). Repurchase of gold bullions by banks was 44.739 kg (58.140 kg in January-August of 2015). The price of sale of gold bullions by the NBB to individuals and legal entities (excluding banks) as of September 6, 2016 ranged from 92.5 rubles (47.2 dollars) per bullion weighing 1 gram to 94.041 thousand rubles (48.02 thousand dollars) per 1 kilogram bullion. In addition, during the reporting period, 81 platinum bullions weighing 530 gramsin total was sold, versus 73 bullionswith total weight of 329 grams, in January-August of 2015. Repurchase of platinum bullions was 299 grams (33 pcs), versus 884 grams (47 units) a year before. Also, 914 silver bullionswith total weight of 35.96 kg were sold during the reporting period, against 1371 silver bullions with total weight of 54.12 kg in January-August of 2015. The most popular were 20 gram bullions, 302 pcs of which were sold, as well as 10 grambullions (252 pcs) and 50 grambullions (215 pcs). Repurchase of silver bullion was 38.21 kg (240 bullions). The price of sale of platinum bullionsby the NBB to individuals and legal entities (excluding banks) as of September 6, 2016 was determined from 97.93 Belarusian rublesper 1 gram bullion to 48.183 thousand Belarusian rubles per 500 gram bullion. The price of silver bullion was from 29.38 Belarusian rubles per 10 grambullion weighing to 2.132 thousand rubles per kilogram bullion. In 2015, the Belarusians purchased 146.935 kg of gold bullions, which is lower than in 2014 by 46.9%.
(1.9585 Belarusian rubles– 1 US dollar).
Source: Uncommercial joint ownership "Trans-regional Association  of precious metals producers"