In January-August Irkutsk Oblast increased gold mining by 2.6%

07 Sep 2016
IRKUTSK, September 7 – RIA/Prime. As the oblast government told Prime,in January-August of 2016 subsurface users of the Irkutsk Oblast extracted 15.165 tons of gold, which is 2.6% more than the index for the same period last year.
The highest mine output for the seven months accounts for hard-rock gold - 7.906 tons (an increase of 4.5%), including:
  • OAO Vysochayshy decreased by 7.1% to 3,356 tons;
  • OAO Pervenets (part of Polyus) increased by 14.6% to 4 tons;
  • OOO Druza - has increased by 18.1% to 549.9 kg.
Placer gold mining at the beginning of August reached 7.259 tons (an increase of 1%). In particular, the companies of holding Lenzoloto (part of Polyus) mined 3.636 tons (an increase of 3.6%), ZAO Vitim– 1.772 tons (an increase of 1%). In 2016 enterprises of the region were issued withcertificatesfor mining of 21.722 tons of gold, includingPervenets–for 5.14 tons, Vysochayshy–for 5 tons, Druza–for 740 kg, Lenzoloto–for 5.025 tons.
Source: Uncommercial joint ownership "Trans-regional Association  of precious metals producers"