Two sites of placer gold mining were tendered in Novosibirsk Oblast

06 Sep 2016
Siberian Federal District Department of Subsurface Management posted a notice of grantingthe use of two placer gold deposits in MaslyaninskyDistrict of Novosibirsk Oblast on the official tenders website.
Applications for geological exploration and gold mining for both lots will be accepted until October 14. There are two sites tendered – river AnfimovMocheg and river AbramovMocheg in Maslyaninsky District. AbramovMocheg is a tributary of AnfimovMocheg. The rivers are located near the border with Kemerovo Oblast. The nearest settlements are 9-12 km away from the deposits. They are villages of Dubrovka, Peteni, NizhnyayaMatryonka. Estimated placer gold reserves at AbramovMocheg are 483 kg of P2 category and 60 kg of P3 category. At AnfimovMocheg only P3 category is available weighing about 414 kg. Both deposits are placed in use for 15 years. The area of AnfimovMocheg mining is 7.5 sq. km, of AbramovMocheg mining – 10 sq. km. The one-time payment for the first deposit is 250 thousand rubles, for the second - 850 thousand rubles. The auction step is 10% of the indicated payment amount. The trading results will be drawn up on November 2. The amount of earnest money is equal to the one-time payment amount. At the moment, the most famous placer gold deposits of in Maslyaninsky District are available at river Suyenga, in the floodplain of which the precious metal have been mined since the 19th century (Yegorievsk mines). In total in Novosibirsk Oblast placer gold is mined at the 10 deposits in Maslyaninsky District and neighboring Toguchinsky District. There are still 4 being developed. All gold-bearing veins are located on the spurs of Salair Ridge. They are characterized by low and very low metal content.
Source: Uncommercial joint ownership "Trans-regional Association  of precious metals producers"