In 2016 Kolyma expects growth of gold production by 10%

22 Aug 2016
In 2016 subsoil users of the Magadan Region plan to produce 27 tons of gold, which is 10.2% higher than a year earlier, the governor Vladimir Pechyony stated at the working meeting with the RF President Vladimir Putin.
The growth of gold, according to him, is foremost based on increasing production at GOK Pavlik (member of IC Arlan), launched in 2015: this year the Company must extract four tons of gold against a ton last year, according to the materials at the site of the RF President. 
PJSC Polyus gives prospects for increasing the production of the precious metal for the Magadan Region, as Pechyony states, intending to launch a factory at the Natalkinskoye deposit in 2017. At GOK is installed one of the largest mills with the capacity of one hundred ton.
"The Magadan Region is in a situation where the mining and processing of gold ore will prevail over the placer. And in the future it will be a significant production growth", the governor stated.
He added that the level of silver production in the region would also be high, although it might be less than last year, when Polymetal has established a record, having produced more than a thousand tons of silver. "New fields will be launched", Pechyony stated.
As previously reported, in January-July 2016 the subsoil of the Magadan Region increased gold production by 11.06% compared with the same period a year earlier - up to 12.955 tons, silver production has been reduced by 21.32% - up to 517.573 tons. In 2015 the enterprises of Kolyma increased gold production by 1.5% to 24.506 tons, silver - by 17.3% to 1,127.5 tons. The total volume of gold ore mined was 9.245 tons, which is 1.4% more than in 2014. In alluvial mining there is an increase of 1.6% to 15.261 tons.