YUSMO raise the price of Ilikan Gold by 508 times

22 Aug 2016
YUSMO LLC during the bid on August 19 increased the one-time payment for site of the Ilikan River by 508.2 times up to 381.5 million rubles, reports Business News Agency PRIME in Amurnedra.
The Ilikan site (from the Holodny Stream up to the Olongro River) is located on the territory of the Zeya district, 34 km north-west of Kirovsky town. The area is 5.6 sq km. Projected reserves of P1 amount to 336 kg. License is for 10 years.
In addition, YUSMO won the bid for the Ilikan site, Severny, Kabanovskiy-2 in the Zeya district, 19 km north-west of Kirovsky town. The area is 17.5 sq. km Balance reserves C1 amount to 214 kg, off-balance reserves C1 are 227 kg, inferred resources P2 count 41 kg, P3 - 100 kg. License is issued for 12 years. At the start the Company has proposed 7.305 million rubles for the facility of 192.852 million rubles.
At the same time representative of the Department expressed doubt that YUSMO will make the declared payments and redeem the license for these sites.
At the bid which took place on the same day on the site Angradak, Salmokit Sibresurs Ltd. increased one-time payment by 53.9 times up to 10.511 million rubles. The facility is situated on the territory of Tynda district, 63 km south-east of Tynda village (on BAM). The area is 37.4 sq km. Projected reserves P1 amount to 104 kg, P2 - 18 kg, P3 - 96 kg. License is issued for 10 years.
Source: Economical Information Agency «PRIME» http://gold.1prime.ru/