Demand for gold at German stockexchange reached record

22 Aug 2016
In Germany, low interest rates in banks are one of the drivers of growth in demand for the yellow precious metal. This is according to the German Stock Exchange (Deutsche Boerse AG).
According to the stock exchange, in its store in Frankfurt-am-Main there are 90.67 tons of gold. Since the beginning of 2016 this volume increased by more than 50%. The German market is constantly buying physical gold, depending on the sold shares in the yellow precious metal, as each share is secured with one gram of gold. As you know, gold is a defensive asset in times of economic uncertainty. In addition, due to the policy of the European Central Bank's low interest rates (ECB), the classic tools of investment do no longer generate the same yield. Therefore, investors put their money into the precious metal. The total volume of shares on the German stock exchange, secured with gold at the moment is in monetary terms 3.5 bln. Euro. According to the stock exchange, investors may at any time require the supply of physical gold in the address. Since the beginning of the introduction of "golden" shares in 2007, investors were already delivered 4.5 tons of physical gold.