Svyatogor will extract metal from dust

16 Aug 2016

In the steel shop of Svyatogor (an enterprise of the UMMC metallurgical complex),the sharp commissioning works started on two horizontal dry electrostatic precipitators with a nominal capacity of 120 thsnm3 per hour and a purity of at least 99.0%. Total costs of Svyatogor for the purchase, installation and commissioning of the equipment will be about 300 million rubles. “This is a crucial aspect in the implementation of this project, - noted Dmitry Tropnikov, Svyatogor’s director. –Firstly, it will allow further removing of dust from useful components such as lead and zinc, as well as precious metals - silver and gold. Second, the electrostatic work will help to reduce emissions.” Cold start of the equipment was carried out in early July of this year.During the month, Svyatogor’s professionals carried out commissioning and testing of the equipment in contact with representatives of the manufacturer, performed operation without the involvement of process gases from the metallurgical production.

Source: Metalpurchasing and sale