Zolotaya Rechka won two sites in the Amur Region

08 Aug 2016
According to information provided by the Business News Agency PRIME, OOO Zolotaya Rechka won two auctions on sites of placer gold in SkovorodinoDitrict of the Amur region.
The company won the tender for the sites: 
  • Burgali (7.5 km north-west of the Dzhalinda station, area of 23.25 sq km; inferred resources of P2 - 138 kg; license for 10 years), offering 6.204 million rubles with startingprice of 120 thousand. OOO Sibresurs and OOO Nagimaalso participated in the auction; 
  • Cheremushka (4 km southeast of the Dzhalinda station, area of 5.4 square kilometers; inferred resources of P1 - 75 kg; license for 7 years), offering 6.309 million rubles with startingprice of185 thousand. Sibresurs and Nagimaalso participated in the auction. 
The winners of the auctions are also: 
  • OOO Obogatitel, which offered 810 thousand rubles with startingprice of540,000 for the site Izvilityi (Lenkovyi) in Mazanovsky District.
  • Facility located 68 km from the Oktyabrsky settlement, 84 km from the Maysky settlement. Area of 60.7 square kilometers. Inferred resources of P1 - 304 kg, P2 - 81 kg, P3 - 36 kg. License for 12 years. OOO Amalgaprom" and Sibresursalso participated in the auction; 
  • OOO Management of Contract Work, which offered 112 thousand rubles with startingprice of40 thousand for the site Taldau Bolshoy, Priiskatelsky in the SkovorodinoDistrict. The facility is located 10 kilometers north of Taldan, Trans-Baikal Railway station. Area of 48.8 square kilometers. Inferred resources of P1 - 152 kg. License for 10 years. Sibresurs also participated in the auction. 

Source: Economical Information Agency «PRIME»  http://gold.1prime.ru