Sukhoi Log: POLYUS and Rostec created joint venture for the Sukhoi Log

02 Aug 2016
On 18 July AO Polyus, partof PAO Polyus, and the structure of Rostec PT-GR established OOO SL Zoloto with registered capital of 10 thousand rubles, according to the information of SPARK-Interfax, with 51% in the joint venture atPolyus. SL Zoloto was created to participate in the auction on the largest undeveloped gold deposit in Russia, Sukhoi Log (130 million ounces of reserves and resources), said Kommersant’s sources close to the company.
Head of the Russian Union of Gold Sergey Kashuba believes that SL Zolotois considered the best contender for the Sukhoi Log, becausePolyus have experience of large-scale projects and infrastructure competitive advantages in the Irkutsk region. According to him, foreigners in the project may appear after the winner of the auction will perform further exploration, given the scale of the project, a package of even less than 25% may be of interest, in particular, for the Chinese China Gold and Zijin.
Source: SIA