Renova intendes to add Oganchinskoye’s reserves

02 Aug 2016
According to information provided by the Business News Agency PRIME, AOZoloto Kamchatki intends to add new gold reservesin the Oganchinskoye field. At the request of the company, AOSevero-Vostochnoye PGO (part of Rosgeologiya) will conduct drilling operations at the facility.
It is expected that by the results oftube hole boring, the growth of reserves and estimated gold resources will be provided. Geologists will face 1625 linear meters of work until the end of August. 
Oganchinskoye field is satellite of the Aginfield, the resource base of which is almost exhausted. Oganchinskoye field is located in Bystrinsky district of the Kamchatki Krai, 65 km north-west of Milkovo and 345 km north-west of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Currently, its reserves amount to 3 tons of gold at a content of 16.9 g/t, resources are 10 tons at content of 5 g/t. 
Zoloto Kamchatkiwas granted a license to Oganchinskoye ore field in September 2007. With starting amount of one-time payment of 6 million rubles, the company has offered 6.6 million for the license. Zoloto Kamchatki planned to obtain the Russian GKZ decisionon the project documentation of the mining enterprise on the basis of the field in 2016.
Source: Economical Information Agency «PRIME»