Price on Kabanovskiy Gold in Priamurye soared 108 times

21 Jul 2016
According to information provided by the Agency of economic information PRIME, OOOVysokaya-1 won the auction for the exploration and extraction of placer gold on the site Kabanovskiy, Kabanchik in the Amur region, increasing the initial payment in the 107.8-fold to 30.184 million rubles, follows from the information on the results of the tender. The site Kabanovskiy-Kabanchik located in the Zeya District, 11 km north-west to Kirovsky settlement and 23 km north-east to Zolotaya Gora settlement.The area occupies 8.38 sq km. Inferred resources of P1 are 99 kg. License for 6 years.OOO Maristyi, OOO GKHAS Group, OOO Aspect, OOO Sibresurs, OOOZolotinka, OOO Stroimagnat premium and OOO Zolotaya Liliya also participated in the auction.
Winners in other auctions are:
- OOOMaristyi, which offered 54 thousand rubles with the start price of 20 thousand for the site Romanovskiy on the territory of the Zeya district. Located 102 kilometers north of the regional center Zeya.The area occupies3.6 square kilometers. Inferred resourcesof P3 are 43 kg. License for 6 years.HAS Group, Sibresurs, OOO Stroimagnat Premium and Zolotaya Liliya also participated in the auction.
- OOO Zenit, which offered 1.084 million rubles with the start price of 985,000 for the site Smoliha - Borodinskiy (Maristyi) –Bokovoy - Mazanovskiy on the territory of the district. The facility is located 48 km north of the village Norsk and 80 km north-west of station Fevralsk. The area occupies 40.2 square kilometers. Off-balance reserves of C1 are 34 kg; inferred resources of P1 are 185 kg, P3 - 112 kg. License for 9 years. A/S Vostok-1also participated in the auction.
- OOORevers, which offered 86.064 million rubles with the start price of 3.26 million for the site in the territory of Delberga in Tynda District. The facility is located 45 km north-east of station Dipkun (BAM). The area occupies 139.2 square kilometers. Balance reserves of C1 are 190 kg, C2 - 361 kg; inferred resourcesof P2 are 54 kg, P3 - 248 kg. License for 15 years. Sibresurs and OOO Siberiaalso participated in the auction.
Source: Economical Information Agency «PRIME»