Ministry of Natural Resources check out companies failed to extend license

20 Jul 2016
Rosprirodnadzor on behalf of the Minister of Natural Resources Sergei Donskoi is going to conduct comprehensive inspections of companies failed toextend their licenses for subsoil use, follows from the Ministry of Natural Resources report.
Donskoi instructed to make a list of the licenses, application for extendingof which failed to be filed until September 1, for the plan of priority inspections of subsoil users in 2017.The pace of extendinglicenses for subsoil use for solid minerals (SM), according to the Ministry of the head, is causing serious concern. A number of subsoil users, including large, has not filed for extendingof most of their licenses. Among them OOOVysochayshiy, PAO Polyus Zoloto, UK Russdragmet and OOO Nordgold Management.As of July 1, 4135 of operating licenses is subject to updating, TPI 2717, are reviewed in 1385, a positive decision taken on the actualization of 1114 on 271 - denied. According to the report, the licenses that have not been updating usually contain conditions of subsoil use, are in conflict with the approved technical documentation project for the development of sites.License terms do not meet the requirements of the project in terms of production levels, timing, types and volumes of works in the subsoil. Donskoi recalled that the companieswhich did not use the right of one-time extending during the 2015-2016 campaign, will no longer be able to initiate amendments to the licenses by type, timing and volume of work. The changes will affect only the form of the document; all positions on key parameters are saved.The presence of these conditions will result in the identification of violations that may be grounds for revocation of the right to use subsoil resources and imposition of administrative sanctions against the licensees.
Source: Geoinformmark