Engineering center for business and human

20 Jul 2016
"The recent trend in the industry is the openingof engineering units by the most advanced enterprises of different branches. They concentrate all research and development, the processes of innovation, the new high-tech equipment. Along with the development of such units allows providing customers a wide range of engineering services, strengthening its industry-leadership.” AO“Ekaterinburg Non-ferrous Metal Working Plant” confidently sticks to this trend. According to the development strategy for 2020,an engineering center is createdon its site by efforts of its subsidiary OOO EZ OCM-ENGINEERING to provide services to companies in the field of mining, enrichment, extraction and refining of precious metals.Extraction of precious metals from technologically refractory raw materials is one of the actual problems in the mining industry. By engaging in the processing of refractory ores and concentrates, there are plans to provide a basic production growth in Russia and in the world. This task is extremely important not only for a particular company, but also for Russia and the world industry in the face of growing shortage of reserves of free-milling raw materials.With high probability it may be affirmedthat the cost-effective solution has been found. It is installing prototype installation developed further in 2012, under the trade name ‘Water hammer’. Simply put, it is a set of equipment for the extraction of precious metals from mineral raw materials and industrial waste dumps using the principles of hydrodynamic ultrasonic activation.In 2016 the project was examined and found financial support of the Skolkovo Foundation. Half of the cost of implementing an expensive project is taken by EZ OCM. By the end of the year, the patent will be granted, and test and exploratory workof the prototype in a real field are plannedfor 2017. ‘Water hammer’ installation in cooperation with key foreign technology partner will be shipped worldwide to mining industry enterprises.At the same time, the Engineering Center is conducting a number of researchof highest priority for the international market. For example, technology of hydrochemical opening of refractory sulfide gold concentrates was developed and tested, which also passed the preliminary examination in the Skolkovo Foundation.
The company has good results of scientific activities, arrayed in the commercialization of its own developments. Together with the Italian company IKOI Srl Unipersonale, a leading company in technology of thermal and chemical processing of precious metals, an equipment for separation of gold-silver alloys was designed and patented (trade name ACIDLESS SEPARATION).At the global level, the technology was announced at the conference of the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI). Goldminers of two dozen countries got interested in purchase of the equipment, including Japan, India, South Africa, UAE, Switzerland, Germany, the United States. In 2015, the plant No. 001 was sold to the state refinery Tau-Ken Altyn (Kazakhstan).Moreover, in June of this year the development won the Golden Hephaestus award at the contest held in Astana as the best innovative project of the year.In the future, the engineering center will expand its range of applications. EZ OCM every year is integrating more tightly into the global market, acquiring the status of a major player in the sector of processing and production of precious metals. This means that it takes part in the solution of global problems related to the development of medicine, space exploration, development of means of communication, automotive, nuclear industry, etc.That is, technologies, the focus of which is thehuman. The need for such technologies stimulates the creation of new industries, and for EZ OCM - developing the productionof new types of products, continuous quality improvement, search for new sources of raw materials.