Rosgeologiya gets a second contract on the right bank area

19 Jul 2016
According to the Agency of economic information PRIME, AO ‘Aleksandrovskaya Experimental-Methodical Expedition’ (AOME, part of the Rosgeologiya holding) has launched the second phase of work on the Right Bank area in the Khabarovsk region, according to Rosgeologiya’s press release.The corresponding contract was signed with the company. The customer for the project is represented by the State Organization VSEGEI. The project is financed from the budget. The geologists face the task of preparing the information to create a set of geochemical bases of the State Geological Map of scale 1 :200000, sheets M-52-VI, M-52-XI; M-54-XIII.According to information on the results of the open tender held by VSEGEI, the contract price amounted to 35,590,000 rubles. OOO Complex Geochemical Research also participatesin the tender.The work under the contract isto be made by the end of this year. The first contract on the Right Bank area (‘Creation of geochemical fundamentals in the area of the sheets of the State Geological Map-200/2 M-52-VI, M-52-XI, M-53-II (Right Bank area), first phase”, execution time - late 2015) was granted to AOME during the procurement at a single supplier in June 2015.The contract price amounted to 9.3 million rubles. According to Rosgeologiya, AMOE experts made preliminary digital maps models of geochemical basis of scale 1:200 000 based on lithochemicalsurvey, zoning map in terms of geochemical works and functional zoning map. As a result of laboratory tests of collected samples,prospective areas have been revealed for gold, gold-silver and tin-rare earth mineralization.
The Right Bank area occupies 15,618.4 square kilometers.
Source: Economical Information Agency «PRIME»