1 kg gold coin released in Australia

19 Jul 2016
Australian Mint in Perth struck a unique gold coin inset with a purplishred diamond. The release of this coin was made possible thanks to the long-term cooperation of the Mint and the Australian diamond mining company Rio Tinto.
Face amount: 5,000 Australian dollars
Precious metals: gold (99.99% purity)
Weight: 1000 grams.
Circulation: 1 piece.
Minted in: Perth Mint
Price: 1 million Australian dollars
The head side of the coin depicts an Australian Kangaroo, with Queen Elizabeth II on the other side II pictured by Ian Rank-Broadley. The tail side contains inscriptions, separated by dots: ELIZABETH II, AUSTRALIA, 5000 DOLLARS. The head side of the gold coin shows a bouncing kangaroo. It holds a 0.54 carat red gemstone between its front paws.AUSTRALIAN KANGAROO is written at the top of the semicircular. The bottom part contains the year of issue ‘2016’, mass –‘1 KILO’ and the fineness –‘9999 GOLD’. It features the Perth Mint's traditional 'P' mintmark on the right. At the presentation of the coin,Perth Mint Chief Executive Officer Richard Hayes said: "The coin will be on display in our retail store in Perth on Hay Street until late August 2016. Anyone would be free to come and enjoy this incredible object of desire.”
Source: Gold.ru