Polyus obtaines mining permit for 74.5 tons of Panimba Gold

06 Jun 2016
The government of Russia gave permission to Krasnoyarsk Geological Exploration Enterprise LLC (Krasnoyarsk GEE LLC is a part of Polyus) for gold mining within Panimba ore cluster. An appropriate order was published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers on Saturday.
“This order hereby gives permission to Krasnoyarsk GEE LLC for gold ore exploration and production at the sites of the federal-status mineral resources, including Panimba ore cluster located in the territory of Severo-Yeniseysky District of Krasnoyarsk Krai under the license issued”, the explanatory note says.
Rosnedra State Committee on Mineral Reserves approved the following reserves in this area:
- C1 category – 8.46 million tons of ore, gold – 21.133 tons;
- C2 category – 24.12 million tons of ore with an average gold grade of 2.29 g/t, gold – 53.37 tons.
In September 2004, Polyus CJSC won the geological exploration license with the following gold ore exploration and production within Panimba ore cluster at the auction. The single payment amount is 2.24 million rubles. The license is granted for 25 years; it implies geological prospecting work within 5 years and then, on the ground of reserves estimation, gold-processing plant construction. In 2009, the license was reissued for Krasnoyarsk GEE with a validation term until November 1, 2029.
Sourсe: Gold Mining Manufacturers' Reporter gold.1prime.ru