Turkey increased gold import 5-fold

06 Jun 2016

In May 2016, Turkey increased gold import till 8.216 tons as opposed to 1.694 tons in the same period in 2015, Istanbul Gold Exchange (IGE) reports. Silver import of the same period increased by 15.7% to 15.691 tons. Total import amount of Turkey for January-May 2016 is 15.383 tons of gold and 135.877 tons of silver, which is 54 % higher and 17.6% below respectively for the same period last year. Turkey exports gold jewelry to more than 100 countries; the main markets are the USA, the UAE, Italy, Germany, Russia, Spain and Israel. In 2015, Turkey reduced gold import by 62.9% to 48.7 tons, whereas import of silver rose by 14.8% to 260.9 tons.

Sourсe: Gold.ru