Moscow exchange gold market increases by 70.64% during January - May

03 Jun 2016

Transactions volume has increased by 70.64% to 19.2 tons for gold and 22.5% to 794.1 kg for silver at Moscow Exchange OJSC <MOEX> from January till May 2016, comparing to the same period of the previous year, MOEX informs.

Precious metals trade volume dynamics, kg:

May '16

Jan-May '16

Jan-May '15

Changes %











In monetary terms, for the period from January till May 2016, deals made at MOEX total more than 53.5 million rubles as opposed to 24.8 million rubles for the same period in 2015. Only in May, precious metals total trade volume increased by 1.4 times amounting to 10.06 million rubles (10.054 million rubles of gold and 1.968 million rubles of silver). General precious metals trade volume at MOEX amounted to 94.1 million rubles in 2015 (41.9 tons of gold and 1.4 tons of silver). The members of the market are 60 organizations – 49 banks and 11 investment companies. The first Russian deliverable stock trading of gold and silver was launched at MOEX in October 2013. The supply of gold and silver by results of trade is carried out on unallocated bullion accounts (UBA) of members opened at the Bank of the NCC, which acts as a central counterparty, clearing and accounting organization at the market of precious metals, and also performs the operation of receiving and issuance of bullions.

Sourсe: Gold Mining Manufacturers' Reporter