Rosnedra plans 26 auctions in Kolyma by the end of year

01 Jun 2016

Rosnedra is planning to hold 36 auctions on placer gold areas in Magadan Region during the second-fourth quarters of 2016, as published by the office of list of sites for licensing in 2016.
In particular, the following areas are set for the auctions:
- the Burgagy-Perevalny Riverlets in the interval of 226-275 lines on the Burgagy riverlet and 03-22 on the Perevalny Riverlet with its tributaries, the C1 reserves of which are 1.724 tons, P1 resources are 500 kg;
- the Malaya Stolbovaya Riverlet in the interval of lines 82-380 – right-hand tributary of the Bolshaya Stolbovaya River (C1 reserves are 5.736 tons, P1 resources are 1.8 tons);
- the At-Yuryakh River – the right tributary of the Taskan River – interval lines 5-438 (C1 dredge reserves are 4.657 tons);

- the Berelekh River below the Kvartsevy Riverlet (C1 reserves are 1.749 tons, P1 resources are 1.5 tons).
The list also contains:
- three sites of placer gold in the Amur Region (the third quarter);
- 13 objects of placer gold and vein gold area Rudny (P1 – 7.15 tons, P2 – 22.7 tons) in Buryatia (the second – third quarter);

- East Semenovskaya are in the Republic of Bashkortostan for the exploration and production of ore gold, silver and accompanying minerals (auction scheduled for July 6);
- one placer gold area in Transbaikalia (the second quarter);
- four placer gold areas in the Krasnoyarsk Krai (auction scheduled for July 12), as well as the Groznensky gold ore area (the second quarter);
- Kenkerenskaya area for geological study, exploration and production of gold ore (P1 resources are 70 tons) and accompanying components (the third quarter) in Chukotka.
Information about the time frame of the auctions will be announced later. Full list and characteristics of mineral resources are published on our website in the Documents section and also on the website of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation.

Source: Gold Mining Manufacturers' Reporter