Kolyma increased gold production 29% in January-April

17 May 2016
The subsurface users of Kolyma produced 3,283 kg (+29%) of gold in January-April 2016 (+738 kg y-o-y), the regional authority stated.
“Severo-Evensky urban district is the leader. Gold producing enterprises produced 1,233.9 kg of gold ore there. Tenkinsky district is on the second position (991.2 kg of gold, +786.8 y-o-y). Omsukchansky district produced 899.7 kg (+24 kg),” is stated in the regional statement. Gold producers started production of placer gold in the Yagodninsky and Susumansky districts (4 kg and 93.7 kg respectively). The increase of precious metals production by 2-3 tons is anticipated at the mine of the deposit Pavlik (Tenkinsky district) in 2016.
“We might reach a new record of gold production in Magadan region in 2016. It is an essential part in the development of the economy of the region. It is a basis of budget replenishment and good prospects for the workers of the enterprises in the context of their personal financial interests,” is said in a statement citing the governor of Magadan region V.Pecheny.
The gold producing companies in Kolyma increased gold production by 1.5% to 24.506 tons, silver – by 17.3% to 1127.5 tons in 2015. There was produced 9.245 tons of gold ore (+1.4% against 2014). Placer gold production made up 15.261 tons (+1.6%). The regional administration anticipates an increase of gold production up to 27 tons, silver production at about 1000 tons in 2016.