30/06 Uralnedra plans to hold a tender for the Sylvitsa river

17 May 2016

Uralnedra plans on June 30 to hold a tender for the deposit of placer gold - the SylvitsaRiver tributaries in the Sverdlovsk region, according to the the tender papers. Land area is 3.84 sq km. Placer gold deposits according to C1 make 265 kg. The winner of the auction will be given a license for 20 years. Initial payment is 4.65 million rubles. Deposit the SylvitsaRiver with tributaries (the Vol’yaRiver) is located in the territory of the urban district Kushva in the vicinity of its border with the Gornouralsky Urban Okrug. 22-23 km eastwards there is Kedrovka settlement connected to Kushva town with a highway, 25 km southwards – Serebryanka settlement connected to Nizhny Tagil with a tract, 33 km southwards from Teplaya Gora Cossack village, 45 km westwards fromKushva town. The Office accepts applications for participation in the tender until June 3.

Source: Economical Information Agence "PRIME" gold.1prime.ru