In January-March Kommunarovskiy Mine got 30 million profits under ras

16 May 2016

Kommunarovskiy Mine JSC (member of SGC) in the first quarter of 2016 gained under RAS a frequent profit 29.756 million rubles against loss of 24.455 million a year earlier, it follows from the report of the enterprise. Profit before taxation amounted to 37.239 million (in January-March 2015 - loss of 29.24 million), sales profit - 35.986 million rubles (in January-March 2015 - loss of 29.24 million). The revenue of the enterprise in the reporting period increased by 29.5% to 614.871 million rubles, while the cost of sales increased by 16% to 578.885 million compared with the same period a year earlier. In the first quarter, the Company produced from the Kommunarovskiy ore deposit 834 kg of gold, the mining on the IzekiyulRiver was 6.5 kg. Kommunarovskiy Mine has a license for the production of gold ore at Kommunarovskiy deposit (reserves of 7.758 tons of gold), for exploration and mining of placer gold in the valley of the IzekiyulRiver (reserves of 275 kg of gold) exploration and mining of ore gold in the upper of the TurgayulRiver (reserves of 1,496 tons), geological survey, exploration and extraction of gold ore at Turgayul area. The principal share holder of Kommunarovskiy Mine JSC (99.13% of shares) is Yuzhuralzoloto GC (SGC) JSC.

Source: Economical Information Agency "PRIME"