Precious metals go up after oil price increase

12 Apr 2016
Gold went up in price again last Tuesday, on April 12, due to the price growth in commodity markets, neutralizing previous price loss. June supply gold value grew 0,2% on Comex (NYMEX) , reaching $1260,90 per troy ounce compared to  $1253 per ounce at previous session. 
Experts link the precious metals price growth with oil price dynamics. Oil prices sharply increased expecting larger producers of “black gold” to freeze oil production after negotiations planned for Sunday.
Silver of May supply also went up   – the quotations grew by 1,5%  to  $16,22 per troy ounce.  July supply platinum price increased by 0,9%  to  $999,70 per ounce. Meanwhile the palladium prices became 0,3% cheaper to $544,15 per ounce.