Polymetal begins to develop silver and gold deposit Oroch in Magadan Region this year

30 Sep 2014
 Polymetal, the largest producer of silver in Russia and one of the leading gold miners, is planning to develop Oroch silver and gold deposit, situated in Severo-Evenky district of Magadan region in 2014, ore production is planned for 2015.
As the press service of the regional government informs, the relevant decision was taken according to the results of public discussions in Evensk. 
The Oroch deposit is situated in Severo-Evenky district of Magadan region, 110 kilometers from Kubakinskaya Mill of OmolonskayaZolotorudnayaKompania.
Oroch possesses reserves of 4.5 tons of gold with gold content 4.0 g/t and 198 tons of silver with silver content 177g/t.
The proposed development method involves open pit mining. The resulting ore is further processed at Kubakinskaya Mill.
The development period planned is four years.
Vladimir Bloshkin, managing director of LLC OmolonskayaZolotorudnayaKompania, says that production infrastructure will be constructed actively this year.  
Polymetalissimultaneouslyimplementingseveralcomplexinfrastructureprojectsinordertobeginindustrialdevelopmentofthedeposit. The construction of the road will be conducted considering archaeological investigation of Oroch deposit area.
"For protection of unique remainders of ancient settlements on this territory we changed the direction of winter road. The bank levee will be built for protection of Oroch stream. All these measures lead to rising of project cost, but they minimize environmental impact, and this is the matter of great importance for us", Bloshkin said.  
He also added that it would be created employment for 150 people for industrial development of Oroch deposit, involving locals in the works.