MINFIN proposes to double precious metals procurement for Gokhran in 2015-2016

16 Sep 2014
Minfin of RF proposes to double funds for precious metals procurement for GOKHRAN in 2015-2016. The draft law "About federal budget for 2015 and for planned period of 2016 and 2017", prepared by the Minfin of Russian Federation is discussing this question.
The current budget foresees precious alloys procurement for the sum of 9.45 billion rubles in 2014, 5.26 billion rubles in 2015 and 6.1 billion rubles in 2016.
Thus, Minfin RF proposes to increase funds for this aim twice in 2015-2016.
At the same time, plans concerning realization precious metals and stones from public fund remained unchanged - in 2015 for 6.15 billion rubles, in 2016 up to 7.1 billion rubles. They propose to sell this production in the amount of 6.5 billion rubles in 2017.
For the recent years GOKHRAN was mainly purchasing diamonds from ALROSA, but now they are planning to invest mainly in precious metals.