New gold extracting plant is going to appear in Kolyma

14 Sep 2014
Production on the depositPavlik in Tenkynsk district will have an output 6-7 tons of precious metal annually.
Plant on the depositPavlik in Tenkynsk district of Kolyma will be put into operation by the end of 2014, with output 6-7 tons gold.  Additional precious metal will make important contribution into development of territory. Investment Company ARLAN, besidesPavlik mill owns three more companies developing three deposits. After putting into operationPavlik, Rodionovskoye will be the next, also in Tenkynsk district, MagadanMedia information agency reported to the Government’s press service of Magadan region. 
"Pre-launch phase consists of three main centers: gold extracting plant and supplementary warehouses, tailing pit with water lines and pumping stations and mine itself, giving the ore, as managing director of GEPPavlikViktor Trotsky said. – All three centers are actively working. At the beginning of the year, we were planning to put the plant into operation in August, but we had to postpone the launching for autumn on the ground of problems with components of equipment delivery from abroad. We are making all possible to put the plant into operation this year and to get the first gold bar".
As interlocutor added, last cyclone did not influence the work of gold miners. They had to meet with more difficulties last year, when rains and floods forced them to stand idle for about a month. This is an unaffordable luxury for Kolyma in summer period. The crossing road on the Omchak River was losing to rain about five times, and each time it took two days for restoration. Nevertheless, all those difficulties are far behind. The construction of concrete broadband bridge for heavy trucks was completed in winter. Fromnowon, thefloodsdonothavedecisiveimpactonPavlik.
Unlike RIM, GEPPavlikdecided not to construct the pilot plant for the adjustment of technology of gold extraction from the ore. They used as a basis the minimax conception, which is spread worldwide.
"The matter is that construction is carried out according to the same scheme as the main plant, Viktor Trotsky explained. – They have the same engineering-geological survey of the field, design, expert evaluation, and many other moments. Finally PPEcost estimates 70–80% from the cost of big plant. Remembering that construction itself is carried out for the credit money, we have to balance on the edge. In such a situation one starts to think like: will it all worthy? Weighing all circumstances, we have concluded that the “minimax” has fewer risks than old traditional way. Simply saying, we decided to build a big factory, where the technology of extracting gold from ore will be adjusted and implemented. According to our preliminary results, the extraction is expected at the average level of 82–85%. Basing on these parameters, we constructed economical scheme of future mine. Itappearedtobequiteacceptable.
Pavlik is only beginning. An investment companyARLAN, owner of GEP Pavlik, has three more companies developing three deposits. After launchingPavlik, Rodionovskoye will be the next, also in Tenkinsk district.  Two more ore facilities will be developed in Yagodninskoye. To talk aboutPavlik – the ore will be extracted with open pit mining technology.