Silver prices fell to the minimum for one and a half month

06 Aug 2014
Exchange prices for silver fell to the minimum values on Wednesday from June 19.
Silver futures at NYSE Comex became cheaper by 0.02% - to $19.81 per ounce as of 14.35 Moscow time.
During three last trade sessions the prices fell by 2.6%, and maximums of middle July - almost by 8%.
US dollar strengthening facilitates silver fall. The ICE dollar index (rate index of the dollar vis-à-vis a basket of other major currencies, 6 main USA trade partners) has risen from the beginning of July by 2.2% and reached maximum marks from November of last year. 
US dollar index is strengthening positions mainly by decreasing euro rate. 
European currency became cheaper by 4.5% toAmerican for the last three months. ECB policy of softening the monetary policy contributed to this.
The regulator lowered interest rate, introduced negative deposit rate, returned more than 150 billion euro to the market, sterilized after assets purchasing in 2011.
Moreover, ECB declared about intention to place in super-long-term credits about 1 trillion euro by the end of the year, and they are ready to proceed directly to purchasing assets.