High temperature furnace

20 сен 2011

In June 2011, a high temperature furnace was put into operation at the LLC SIBPROJECT in Krasnoyarsk.

recycling of higher-melting-point materials to recover the components of value, in particular, precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium).

Materials for recycling:
  • chemical- and oil-industry catalysts, both the ones having individual bodies in various crystal modification: aluminium oxide (Al203), silicon oxide (Si02), zirconium oxide (Zr02), and mixed ones in various ratios;
  • automotive catalysts;
  • refractory materials of linings from glass melting facilities of various composition and their modifications (firebricks, mullites, periclasites, magnesites);
  • various barrings of smelt furnace lining;
  • gold-containing concentrates (residuals of gold refining plants, placer gold-concentrating site, placer gold–concentration plant, gold recovery plants);
Parameters of the plant:
  • capacity – up to 15 tpm (depending on the material for recycling);
  • recovery of precious metals to the concentrate – not less than 98%;
  • content of precious metals in the concentrate – not less than 20%;
  • temperature of melted slag in operational conditions – from 1600oC to 1700oC;
Peculiar features of the plant:
  • obtaining of homogeneous alloys with a content of components of value over 50% through the use of a metal concentration complex received in melting the initial products;
  • no borrowing of precious metals (so called ‘materials in process’) due to the use of ‘cold crucible’ without a refractory lining;
  • integrated crushing-chopping machine to prepare initial material of required coarseness grade and grind the slag obtained;
  • additional equipment for testing and sample preparation of the materials obtained in materials melting;
  • automated systems of feeding, slag removal, gas treatment and unit control.
Results of the implementation:
  • wider range of material to be recycled and lower dependence of the enterprise economic sustainability on one type of a raw material only.