Recycling of Silver-Containing Precipitates

10 ноя 2007

In 2007, the technology of recycling of silver-containing precipitate was developed and a section for recycling of silver-containing precipitate was designed, constructed and commissioned at the LLC SIBPROJECT.

  • recycling of silver-containing precipitates to obtain a Dore alloy.
Materials for recycling:
  • precipitates containing gold and silver (less than 70%) and also zinc, copper, selenium and other impurities.
Parameters of the production:
  • capacity – up to 4 tonnes per day;
  • technological cycle – 48 hours.
Peculiar features of the production:
  • possibility to obtain a Dore alloy with the total content of gold and silver over 99%;
  • integrated recycling, including the processing of own residues and the recovery of non-ferrous metals.
Results of the implementation:
  • a one-of-a-kind production facility was launched and has been functioning successfully for 6 years;
  • 70 new jobs were created.