Industry News

19 Jul 2016
Iran invests in Kazakhstan

Iran International Company industry and mines Ghadir (GIMDC) plans to cooperate with Kazakhstan in the field of mining and metals.

19 Jul 2016
Buryatzoloto continues to invest in Jumbo development system at the mine Holbinsky

Before the end of 2016, Buryatzoloto plans to acquire additional equipment for jumbo development system in the amount of 47 million roubles.

19 Jul 2016
Rosgeologiya gets a second contract on the right bank area

According to the Agency of economic information PRIME, AO ‘Aleksandrovskaya Experimental-Methodical Expedition’ (AOME, part of the Rosgeologiya holding) has launched the second phase of work on the Right Bank area in the Khabarovsk region, according to Rosgeologiya’s press release.

19 Jul 2016
By 2020, POLYUS will increase gold production by 1 million ounces

According to the Economic Information Agency PRIME, mining company POLYUS is going to come out on the production of an additional one million ounces by 2020, said Pavel Grachev,the company’s general director.

19 Jul 2016
Petropavlovsk get the first underground ore is a pioneer in the 1-st quarter of 2017

Petropavlovsk Plc (SC "Petropavlovsk") plans to get the first ore from the underground mine deposit Pioner in the Amur regionin the first quarter of 2017, according to the company.

19 Jul 2016
Gold miners: danger signals

Gold is up 26% in 2016. Shares of gold mining companies have more than doubled (average +121% in industry) for the period under review.

19 Jul 2016
Gold and silver are first on the list of long-sightedinvestment-Maxim Hanin, leading expert of Alpari gold

"If we consider gold as an investment of money, in a period of economic uncertainty, it must be the first on the priority list..."

18 Jul 2016
India reduced gold imports by 38% in June

India reduced gold imports in monetary terms to 1.2089 billion dollars in June 2016, which is lower than in the same period of last year by 38.5%, according to the Ministry of Trade and Industry report.