Industry News

04 Aug 2016
Shareholders YUGOK consider question on payment on dividends on 24/08

According to information provided by Business News Agency PRIME, the shareholders of AO Yuzhuralzoloto Group of Companies (UGC) will consider the payment of dividends at an extraordinary general meeting on August 24  (SGC).

03 Aug 2016
Gold market on Moscow exchange rose 16.75%

The physical volume of gold transactions at the OAO Moscow Exchange in January-July 2016 increased by 16.75% compared with the same period ofthe previous year - up to 23.046 tons,silver transactions rose by 31.06% to 1,064 tons. 

02 Aug 2016
Renova intendes to add Oganchinskoye’s reserves

According to information provided by the Business News Agency PRIME, AOZoloto Kamchatki intends to add new gold reservesin the Oganchinskoye field. 

02 Aug 2016
Zoloto Kamchatki increase gold output by 2.8 times in the1-st half of the year

ZolotoKamchatki (partofGKRenova) in the first half of 2016 increased gold production compared to the same period last year by 2.8 times - up to 2,863 tons (92.1 thousand ounces), silver production by nine times - to 4,012 tons (129 thousand ounces), follows from company report.

02 Aug 2016
Sukhoi Log: POLYUS and Rostec created joint venture for the Sukhoi Log

On 18 July AO Polyus, partof PAO Polyus, and the structure of Rostec PT-GR established OOO SL Zoloto with registered capital of 10 thousand rubles, according to the information of SPARK-Interfax, with 51% in the joint venture at Polyus.

26 Jul 2016
$1,500 is not far off - a new peak price of gold

"At the beginning of 2016, no one even suggested a significant increase in the price of gold, but now, on the back ofBrexit, the most daring forecasts are made..."

21 Jul 2016
Transbaikal increased gold output by 34% in January-June

Subsoil users of Trans-Baikal Krai produced 4.26 tons of gold in January-June 2016, which is 36% more than the same period of last year, saidin the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Krai to PRIME. 

21 Jul 2016
Price on Kabanovskiy Gold in Priamurye soared 108 times

According to information provided by the Agency of economic information PRIME, OOOVysokaya-1 won the auction for the exploration and extraction of placer gold on the site Kabanovskiy, Kabanchik in the Amur region, increasing the initial payment in the 107.8-fold to 30.184 million rubles, follows from the information on the results of the tender.