Production Of Ceramic Ware For Assay Tests

12 Апр 2016

The Group produces high quality ceramic ware for assay tests (crucibles, cupels, scorifying dishes) that is highly competitive with the foreign one. At present, the products are used by such major companies as CJSC Polyus, OJSC Krastsvetmet, OJSC GMK Norilsk Nickel and other consumers.

List Of Ceramic Ware For Laboratory Use (PDF, 305 Кб)

Additional Opportunities

Upon the customer’s request, fireclay crucibles up to 1, 000 cubic centimeters can be produced, as well as mufflers for laboratory furnaces and other ceramic items.

The production facility is fitted with an up-to-date equipment and staffed with highly qualified personnel and it is located on the guarded area and is able to increase the capacities and refurbish fast to produce various products as per the Customer requirements.