Recycling Of Precious Metals

12 Апр 2016

The production unit has a complete technological complex for recycling of minerals and recoverable raw materials and residues containing precious metals to produce Dore alloy and precious metals concentrates.

Raw Materials For Recycling (PDF, 229 Кб)

Gravity Concentration

The raw materials for this stage include the residuals of gold mining (tailings from gold-concentrating plants and gold recovery plants), wastes from their own production units (slags, crucible shards, lining bricks, etc.), precious metals containing wastes from other operations suitable for gravity concentration.

Hydrometallurgical Processing

A unique hydrometallurgical technology was developed and patented for integrated processing of raw materials containing precious metals to obtain the concentrates suitable for further refining.

Pyrometallurgical Processing

The raw materials include the concentrates after the gravity concentration and hydrometallurgical processing as well as the materials containing precious metals: dead catalysts from the oil-and chemical industry, automotive exhaust catalytic converter systems, fireclay wastes from fiber-lass production and others.

The slag obtained has low content of precious metals due to the use of special technological processes and equipment. All the dust-and-gas emissions undergo many stages of treatment.