Purchase/Processing of precious metals raw materials


SIBPROJECT LLC is specialized in the processing of raw materials containing precious metals. Company performs processing of raw materials to produce precious metals concentrates and bullions (concentrates and bullions of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium) where after SIBPROJECT LLC forwards the metals to refineries for further processing.

Cooperation with SIBPROJECT LLC regarding the raw materials containing precious metals is possible in two directions:

Purchase of the raw materials containing precious metals (according to the contract of delivery of raw materials);

Processing of the raw materials containing precious metals (according to the contract for performance of work on raw materials processing with return of the affined precious metals to the customer).

SIBPROJECT LLC processes the following raw materials containing precious metals:

Sorption coal (technogenic waste)

Slags (technogenic waste)

Industrial products (waste of gold mining enterprises)

Gold concentrate (gravity concentrates, gravity-flotational concentrates)

Used laboratory ware (crucibles, cups) containing precious metals (scrap of secondary precious metals)

Waste of jewelry productions (scrap of secondary precious metals)

Fulfilled catalysts of oil and chemical industry

Exhaust gas neutralizers (autocatalysts)

Contractors of SIBPROJECT LLC are:

Gold mining companies


Manufacturers of jewelry

Enterprises of the petrochemical industry

Enterprises of the chemical industry

More details about the technologies used by SIBPROJECT LLC on the production site:

Metallurgical production wastes gravity concentration. The raw materials for this processing include: gold mining waste (primary concentrate of concentration plants and gold processing plants), own production waste (slags, crucible grit, furnace debris etc.), other industries waste for gravity concentration containing precious metals.

Hydrometallurgical processing. Developed and registered unique hydrometallurgical technology of complex processing of raw materials containing precious and non-ferrous metals allowing to obtain concentrates suitable for further refining.

Pyrometallurgical processing. The raw materials are the concentrates obtained after gravity concentration and hydrometallurgical processing as well as containing precious metals: dead catalysts of chemical and oil industry, automobile exhaust gases neutralizers, fire clays fiberglass production waste and others. The obtained slags are characterized by low precious metals content due to the application of special manufacturing methods and equipment. All the dust and gas emissions are subject to multistage treatment.

SIBPROJECT LLC production distinctive feature is the technological possibility of processing and enrichment of raw materials with low content of precious metals (so-called lean materials) allowing the company to expand the list of materials processed.

Today the company continues its own developments in the area of raw material processing and enrichment technology.